List of Publications

Original Papers

  1. Hayato Shiba and Hailong Peng
    in preparation

  2. Hayato Shiba, Takeshi Kawasaki, and Kang Kim,
    Local Density Fluctuation Governs Divergence of Viscosity underlying Elastic and Hydrodynamic Anomalies in 2D Glass-Forming Liquid
    Physical Review Letters, accepted arXiv:1905.05458 (2019)

  3. Hailong Peng, Momoji Kubo, and Hayato Shiba
    Molecular dynamics study of mesophase transitions upon annealing of imidazolium-based ionic liquids with long-alkyl chains
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20, 9796-9805 (2018)
    Selected for "2018 PCCP HOT Articles"

  4. Hayato Shiba, Peter Keim, and Takeshi Kawasaki,
    Isolating long-wavelength fluctuation from structural relaxation in two-dimensional glass: cage-relative displacement
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30, 094004/1-9 (2018)
    Special Issue on Liquid Matter 2017 (invited paper)

  5. Hideuyki Mizuno, Hayato Shiba, and Atsushi Ikeda,
    Continuum limit of the vibrational properties of amorphous solids
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 114, E9767-E9774 (2017)
    [Press release 2017.11.1 (in Japanese)]  [Nikkei Shimbun 2018.3.4(日本経済新聞)]

  6. Hayato Shiba, Yasunori Yamada, Takeshi Kawasaki, and Kang Kim,
    Unveiling Dimensionality Dependence of Glassy Dynamics: 2D Infinite Fluctuation Eclipses Inherent Structural Relaxation
    Physical Review Letters 117, 245701/1-6 (2016)    [PDF]
    [Press release 2016.12.6]

  7. John J. Molina, Kotaro Otomura, Hayato Shiba, Hideki Kobayashi, Masaki Sano, and Ryoichi Yamamoto,
    Rheological evaluation of colloidal dispersions using smoothed profile method - formulation and applications
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 792, 590-619 (2016)

  8. Hayato Shiba, Hiroshi Noguchi, and Jean-Baptiste Fournier,
    Monte Carlo study of the frame, fluctuation and internal tensions of fluctuating membranes with fixed area
    Soft Matter 12, 2373-2380 (2016)    [Open Access]

  9. Hayato Shiba and Takeshi Kawasaki,
    Spatiotemporal heterogeneity of local free volumes in highly supercooled liquid
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 184502/1-8 (2013)

  10. Hao Wu, Hayato Shiba, and Hiroshi Noguchi,
    Mechanical properties and microdomain separation of fluid membranes with anchored polymers
    Soft Matter 9, 9907-9917 (2013)    [Open Access]

  11. Hayato Shiba, Hiroshi Noguchi, and Gerhard Gompper,
    Structure formation of surfactant membranes under shear flow
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 014702/1-11 (2013)  

  12. Hayato Shiba, Takeshi Kawasaki, and Akira Onuki,
    Relationship between bond-breakage correlations and four-point density correlations in heterogeneous glassy dynamics: Configuration changes and vibration modes
    Physical Review E 86, 041504/1-14 (2012)     [PDF]     [Erratum: PRE 95, 069901 (2017) ]

  13. Hayato Shiba and Hiroshi Noguchi,
    Estimation of the bending rigidity and spontaneous curvature of fluid membranes in simulations
    Physical Review E 84, 031926/1-13 (2011)    [PDF]

  14. Hayato Shiba and Akira Onuki,
    Plastic deformations in crystal, polycrystal, and glass in binary mixtures under shear: Collective yielding
    Physical Review E 81, 051501/1-15 (2010)    [PDF]

  15. Hayato Shiba, Akira Onuki, and Takeaki Araki,
    Structural and dynamical heterogeneities in two-dimensional melting
    EPL 86, 66004/1-6 (2009)

  16. Hayato Shiba and Nobuyasu Ito,
    Anomalous Heat Conduction in Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Lattices
    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77, 054006/1-8 (2008)

  17. Toshiyuki Hamanaka, Hayato Shiba, and Akira Onuki,
    Plastic flow in polycrystal states in a binary mixture
    Physical Review E 77, 042501/1-4 (2008)     [PDF]

  18. Hayato Shiba, Jori E. Ruppert-Felsot, Yoshiki Takahashi, Yoshihiro Murayama, Qi Ouyang, and Masaki Sano,
    Elastic Convection in Vibrated Viscoplastic Fluids
    Physical Review Letters 98, 044501/1-4 (2007)    [PDF]

  19. Hayato Shiba, Satoshi Yukawa, and Nobuyasu Ito,
    Divergent Thermal Conductivity in Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Lattices,
    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 75, 103001/1-4 (2006)


  1. Takeshi Kawasaki, Hayato Shiba and Akira Onuki,
    Hierarchical heterogeneous glassy dynamics of configuration changes and vibration modes
    AIP Conference Proceedings 1518, 784-791 (2013)

  2. Hayato Shiba and Akira Onuki,
    Jammed Particle Configurations and Dynamics in High-Density Lennard-Jones Binary Mixtures in Two Dimensions
    Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 184, 232-247 (2010)

  3. Hayato Shiba and Nobuyasu Ito,
    Long-Time Tail Problem and Anomalous Transport in Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Lattices
    Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 178, 79-85 (2009)

Other Reports

  1. 芝隼人、
    最近の研究から「2次元ガラスのダイナミクス − 無限対数ゆらぎと固有緩和」
    日本物理学会誌 72-10, 717-722 (2017)

  2. Hayato Shiba and Hiroshi Noguchi,
    Coarse-Grained Simulation of Surfactant Membrane
    Activity Report 2013 of ISSP Supercomputer Center 34-41 (2014, Invited article)

  3. 芝隼人・野口博司、
    分子シミュレーション研究会会誌:アンサンブル 16-1, 59-65 (2014年1月)

  4. 芝隼人、
    分子シミュレーション研究会会誌:アンサンブル 13-3, 139-144 (2011年7月)

  5. 芝隼人、
    物性研究89-3, 417-445(2007年12月)


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